Experts via webcam

Choose from hundreds of hand-selected experts to help with your career goals. Need to prepare upcoming interview? Done. Want to talk someone about your career goals and get some advice? We got you covered. You even get a video of your session afterwards to keep.

How Sharpen IO Works

Find an Expert

Browse for real professionals in the industry and at the job level you want. Schedule a time that works for you.

Webcam Session

Do a live webcam mock interview and get priceless feedback that you can use in your real interview.

Expert Feedback

Enter the room as prepared as you possibly can be to maximize your chances to get the job you want.


The Sharpen Guarantee

Every one of our Experts is a verified LinkedIn member, and you can browse their profiles for verification. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your session, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Benefits for job applicants

Get the kind of questions you can expect during your real interview

By choosing Experts from your own industry, you will be tested on the knowledge that is specific to your industry, job function and level of responsibility.

Get video feedback after your interview is over

Unlike a real interview, where you never find out how you really came across, your session's expert will give you detailed, video feedback

Keep preparing until you feel you're ready for your big interview

If you like, you can do more sessions, incorporating the feedback from your Expert into each new session until you feel that you've prepared as much as you can.

Benefits for Experts

Hone your skills as an interviewer

By participating in practice interviews relevant to your industry, you get the opportunity to refine your interview style, content and approach.

Develop your reputation as a coach

Coaching and mentoring skills are some of the most sought after for senior executives. Sharpen connects you with motivated professionals with whom you can develop your skills and reputation.

Get paid for your expertise while helping others

You decide what your time is worth and set the schedule that works for you, all while helping others advance in their careers.